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Programs and Services We Offer

Myel Camps


Myel Camps are Spring/Summer camp experiences for youth. We use sports and competition as the "hook" to share the gospel message of Jesus Christ and teach leadership and life skills. We currently partner with Cru Inner-city and Athletes In Action to provide JAM Camps (focusing on Jesus Athletics Manhood) in various cities around the United States. We are also developing a curriculum through our Minister Fitness program that allows organizations to brand and implement camps for their communities.

Minister Fitness


Minister Fitness is a discipleship program that uses the concepts of fitness, exercise and the gym to help "build the Body" (of Christ).

Male Military Spouse

Men, Family, Military, Marriage

Male Military Spouse is a resource for civilian male military spouses to help them navigate the journey and make it through all of its unique challenges. We currently partner with Macho Spouse to help male spouses through personal relationships and online services and resources.

TaurusBeats Music

Youth, Music, Mentorship

TaurusBeats uses music, music production and storytelling to reach people with HOPE and HEALING. By sharing music and life tips, TaurusBeats points to how the creativity in music is directly related to the Creator and how it can ve a powerful force for healing and hope.

TJ Tech Pros

Youth, Technology, Entrepreneuership

TJ Tech Pros is a program for to help young people "Trust Jesus" through the use of technology and develop technical and entrepreneurial skills to promote "kingdom business" globally

Veterans Info Site

Youth, Military Service

Veterans Info Site is an online resource and program for youth to help them see the value in military service from a Christ-follower's perspective.


Youth, Mentorship

VISION H21 is a program to help young people develop the effective life-long practice of looking for God in all things Using Habakkuk as the key reference, this program helps youth seek God with confidence as a Christ-follower, in the midst of trying situations and circumstances.