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About Us

Who we are

We are Christ-followers. Jesus Christ is our Hope and He has given us the commission to Be HOPE.

By faith, we See, Reach, Teach and Mobilize people for God's Kingdom and Glory!


SAWABONA: We See You! - Myel Ministries sees all people with God's eyes and serves through God's Power.

We acknowledge and respect the humanity of every person - We See You! Then, we ask, "What do you need us to be in order to help you on your journey?" - Ministry through God's Power.


Myel Ministries Desperately looks for the POWs (Poor, Orphans, Widows - Prisoners Of this World) and liberate them through God's Power.

Myel Ministries serves and mobilizes the church to "seek and save the lost" while living out God's heart for the poor so all can grow in Christ to do the work of God's Kingdom everywhere.


In this world, where "being seen" has become more important than "Being" - The God Who Sees (El Roi) is revealing the unseen.

American cities continue to grow, but not everyone is benefiting equally. Marginalized communities are struggling with the economic, physical, and spiritual effects of poverty. The inner-city church, highly effective but often under-resourced, is addressing these needs through the transformative power of the gospel in words and deeds. And they are looking for partners.


Goal 1


1,000 gospel engagements
Goal 2


100 people in whole-person discipleship relationships
Goal 3


100 believers trained and mobilized for ministry among people in poverty
Mobilizing People


20 new staff recruited to expand ministry impact

Our Strategy

We serve with Helping One Person Elevate as our focus.



We take time to see people as they are.

The Circle of Hope is our church-based ministry model. It brings together our gifts with those of the inner-city church to reach more non-believers and create real change through whole-person discipleship.



We make efforts to meet people where they are.

Connect: We offer products and programs which address the needs of the poor. Our church partners use these tools as entry points for evangelism and discipleship in their neighborhoods, with the goal of folding people into the body of Christ.

Connecting Programs: • Boxes of Love®, • Homeless Care Kits, • Holiday Care Boxes, • Easter Bags, • PowerPacks®, • Heart and Sole®



We walk together with people, demonstrating the way to elevate.

Develop: We equip churches to construct whole-person discipleship and developmental programs that minister to the spiritual and physical needs of children and adults. Our biblically-based tools are geared toward at-risk populations and the working poor and focus on character, life skills, financial wisdom, career development, and job search readiness.

Developing Programs: • S.A.Y. Yes! Centers for Youth, Development®, • Life-on-Life Mentoring, • WorkNet, • Holistic Hardware, • Reaching Prison Populations, • Money Management



We serve to empower others to Help Other People Elevate.

Empower: We increase our church partners' capacity for effective evangelism and whole-person discipleship through training, coaching, volunteers, and resources. They use these to serve men, women, and children in need.

Empowering Programs: Short-term mission opportunities: • Summer in the City®, • Urban Immersion™, • Volunteering, Training in:, • Evangelism, • Discipleship, • Bible study curricula

What Makes Us Unique


Serving Churches

We build partnerships with and serve local urban churches.

Heart: The Church is at the center of God's strategy for proclaiming and demonstrating His kingdom here on earth. We are called to build up that which Christ has shed His blood to create. Partnering with the church is biblical.

Practice: It's also strategic. Local urban churches are the focal point for reaching into communities of need. They have the leaders, locations, and leverage that no singular ministry could ever duplicate. Working together multiplies our gifts and theirs to create new, effective, and creative opportunities for the proclamation of the gospel in word and deed.


Empowering Leaders

We encourage, coach, and connect pastors and leaders.

Heart: Churches are at the center of our strategy, which is why we primarily partner with the shepherds and overseers of those flocks. We are called to support these leaders, knowing that inner-city ministry can be daunting, lonely, and at times discouraging.

Practice Our relationships with pastors and leaders is mutually edifying. We provide a critical support and lifeline for their important work, and their expertise and wisdom help shape our tools and strategies so we remain effective in our ministry.


Whole-Person Ministry

We train believers to love the poor through compassionate evangelism and whole-person discipleship.

We must engage in merciful and loving evangelism to reflect God's heart for the immediate physical needs, issues of justice, and the complexities of life in poverty. This is the best way to acknowledge people's suffering and give hope.

Helping people flourish in all areas of life is a part of spiritual maturation. Effective discipleship must address the physical and spiritual barriers that people face.

What Fuels Us


The Three Cs

We are Christ-centered, Church-based and Compassion-driven.


Everything we do starts and ends with the life, teachings, cross, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 2 Corinthians 5:14–15


The church is at the center of God's strategy for proclaiming and demonstrating His kingdom. We serve and support churches. Matthew 16:18


Jesus represents God's compassionate heart, especially toward the marginalized. As followers of Jesus, our posture towards others will always be driven by that same compassion. James 2:14–17


The Three GCs

We are driven by the Great Commission to share the good news, the Great Commandment to love our neighbor, and the Great Concern to foster justice.

The Great Commission

God has called His people to go about bringing the good news of His kingdom to every tribe and tongue and nation. Matthew 28:18–20

The Great Commandment

We are to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and our neighbors as ourselves. Mark 12:30–31

The Great Concern

Proverbs 29:7 tells us: “The righteous care about justice for the poor, but the wicked have no such concern.”


Win, Build, Send Ministry

We create multiplying disciples and evangelize non-believers, invest in their discipleship, and send them back into the harvest field to share what God has done in their lives.


This is our evangelistic heartbeat. Everyone should hear the good news of Jesus Christ. Matthew 28:18–20


It takes time and intentionality to develop believers into maturity so they can learn to walk with Jesus, be like Jesus, and live for Jesus. Colossians 2:6–7


In order for the mission to be fulfilled, believers must continually be sent into the harvest field as multiplying disciples. Matthew 9:38