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We See You

Before we can Reach, Teach or Mobilize, We See You.

We start by SEEING THE UNSEEN and acknowledging ALL PEOPLE with Dignity and Respect.

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2021 Highlights



Here are a few ways we serve.

Summer Youth Camps

We witnessed God's Transformational Power in the lives of young men and women in our 2021 Spring and Summer Camps.

Spring and Summer Youth Camps

Personal Online Ministry

We can still do Personal Ministry, even if we can't meet in-person. Check out our Online and Digital Ministry offerings.

Online, Digital Ministry

High Intensity Sports Camp

We partner with Cru Inner-city and Athletes In Action to Reach, Teach and Mobilize young men in a week-long camp in Xenia, Ohio.

JAM Camp


Our Approach

We know that ministry is simply attending to the needs of another person.

We start by SEEING THE UNSEEN and acknowledging ALL PEOPLE with Dignity and Respect.


Our first step is the intentional effort of  Looking for and Seeing people. We acknowledging the Humanity of all people, respecting the individuality of every person, before attending to the needs with compassion and dignity.


We offer a "helping hand" in Serving people because we know this Life Journey can be rough. Our efforts areaimed at  He;ping Other People Elevate difficult circumstances.


We are mentors, Demonstrating what we teach, while walking with people. "Helping One Person Elevate" is our focus.


We give who ourselves twoards Empowering people to change the trajectory of this Life Journey for Good.

Helping Other Peole Elevate

Know that what you desire is possible. Convince yourself of it. See yourself living it in every detail. Fully and sincerely expect it, and you're well on the way to having it.

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